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The Importance of Sleep

This post is long overdue, and covering a topic I have wanted to talk about for awhile: sleep. Sleep is something we all do, every night, and yet there is incredible variation in the quality of the sleep we get. It has been known for a very long time how important sleep is to our mental and physical wellbeing. There are also several competing 'rules' about sleep that make it hard to know exactly what we are meant to be doing.

I have had a rough version of this blog knocking around for a few months, but as I was wracking my brains trying to make it fit together, I was lucky enough to be contacted by, an American site dedicated to providing free resources and research digests on how sleep is important and you can improve your sleep patterns. 

I took some time to read  their posts and have decided to post links to them here for you. Should you want to get a better understanding of how sleep can interact with your mental wellbeing, and how you can improve it, I highly recommend giving them a read. My recommended reading links are here:

I may come back and update this post in the future with a summary of my own thoughts on a healthy sleep routine (mostly echoed by the final link provided, sleep hygiene). 

And that is it for this post! Nothing from me really, I think the best thing I can do for you in this area is to show you to a group and website that are experts in their field. As for me and my field, a new project will soon be launching, with a new website and potentially a new way of working with people. Make sure to stay in touch via my Facebook page or by email,

See you soon!



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